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Okay, I just want to say first off the music and art style in this are a straight 10/10 really great atmosphere, but the controls really let this game down a bit, most of the time they were fine, but for certain jumps that required very precise movements I felt like a lot of the time my success was attributed mainly on luck and not skill with my main problem steming from the broken leg jump where you can't move very precisely. Other than that I really enjoyed my short but sweet time with this game and I am looking forward to future projects from you. Great job dude


People who have played seem to be pretty much in agreement when it comes to the movement. I definitely experienced the awkwardness that you and others described during playtesting but decided to go ahead with the system I had. The reaction to it has been a pretty good lesson on avoiding prioritizing aesthetics/realism over the feel of the game, so I'm at least glad to have made that mistake early on. It helps a lot to hear what people think, so thanks for the feedback, positive and negative, and of course thanks for playing!


Amazing artstyle, cool concept and a pretty good level design. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THE CONTROLS GAVE ME AN ANEURYSM. The fact that you can't move precisely (as in tapping a directional key and actually moving slightly) after doing your first jump (while it makes sense since the character literally broke a leg) got quite annoying. And that one stage with the 2 buttons, 3 jump pads and the spikes where there was a jump pad on the opposite side threw me off really bad. I kept thinking I had to use it. Limited number of jumps kind of makes you think you need to use it. But you can just crawl over the 1 block gap near the exit. Not to mention it felt quite weird that the character stopped moving for a split second after landing with both legs intact. Other than that, amazing game. Loved it. I also got the black screen ending, but the ending wasn't the point of the game. The gameplay was. And it was good. Amazing job.


Hey, thanks for the constructive feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the game overall.  Getting specific comments like yours is really helpful in letting me  figure out what I'll need to work on/playtest/think about more in future projects :)

Is the True ending just a black screen

Ah that's a bug, thanks for pointing it out. It seems to be a higher level Godot thing that happens in the export so I don't think I'll be able to figure out how to fix it right away. But if you finished the game and got a black screen here's the ending:

Anyways apologies and thanks for playing!

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks for playing! Your gameplay was fun to watch and I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

Thank you i'm so glad you liked it :)

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