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Version 1.1 Update (Original Version Still Available in Downloads)

—Tweaks to various aspects of movement, respawn timings, and general bug fixes
—Changes to various stages.
—Level design changes.
—Improved soundtrack with brand new tracks by Joaquin Hill and Josiah Pywtorak.
—Pausing and in game options menu.

A puzzle platformer where you can only jump twice.

Keyboard controls:

  • WASD/arrow keys — movement and main menu navigation
  • P/Esc — pause
  • space — jump/advance dialogue
  • R — restart

Controller support has been added as of 1.1, but I've only been able to test them with a 3rd party switch controller. Uses analog stick for movement and face buttons for jump/pause/restart, which buttons do what may depend on your controller but each button should only have one action bound to it.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
AuthorAzaan Lambkin
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Short


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Legbreaker_Lin.zip [OLD] 50 MB


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Congratulations nice game... I invite you to visit my Channel 

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A soon


This game was actually quite interesting. Painful, but interesting.
I made an entire video about it. Hope to see more creative games like this.
If your curious, here is my video as well.

hey man nice game :D

ooh man, this seems like a fun game to speedrun

Very precise platforming at times, but other than that this was fun. I did think there would have been a neat secret or something for reaching the door after pushing the button for the final "freedom" room, cause that was a fun puzzle to solve, but nothing happened. Also, the environment looked cool but felt empty at times, especially when you choose to escape. I was expecting signs that the other inmates had been around other than the text on the walls.


first since new update


The ending felt unfinished? Might just be some secret that I'm missing. Also, as the others say the game is less about finding a solution and more about executing the sequence exactly right. 

That said the concept is great and it was fun enough to play to the end. The leg breaking animation really has the feel of a traumatic bone injury; well done!

I feel like this game is set in the extended universe of "Papers, please" and this is where many of the people who get taken away end up...

is there no end? theres just a black screen when I reached the end


10/10, lad

Hi there, it was a super fun game. And I believe I got the ending? But the game just went black and froze I think.

This is what happened:

1. I played through the game, then skipped the first time it said in red to go down, after the cutscene I got sent back to the main menu.

2. Then, I clicked continue and this time I went down the hole. I played through again, and at the 'last level' where it showed to go up for Freedom. I clicked the button and got to the door, except the didn't open. So I jumped (2nd jump), then the screen went black, and nothing happened. I tried pressing every button, nothing happened.


That must have been the ultra secret "tru" ending where you die lol

(2 edits)

Got the "Freedom" ending... Well, the game's cool, i liked it, even if the movement was weird, i still like it. I think i'll try to get "another" ending if there is one, ignoring the red mark... (Wich is hard because in the first time is almost or 100% impossible to pass through, but in the last level it seems to have a way to get in the door covered by red.)

Tried it right now, didn't work. The door doesn't open up, so yeah, this is the only ending it seems, maybe there's something to do on  the black screen but i don't know. Still. Great game! 

EDIT: Got the "50 more dollars!" dialogue and sent me to the title screen... What if i go to the last screen now..?

EDIT2: Nothing... Hmmm.... Welp, i don't have anything more to do, gg.

A really unique and interesting puzzle platform game with a cool retro style asthetic with interesting room textures, it seems this game also has a couple of different endings which is a nice touch.

 The jump distancing can be a little difficult to judge especially on the puzzle where you have to leap over the spiked wall, and also the final puzzle was very dificult to get right (could be my lack of skill as well though haha)

Overall the game was enjoyable to play and was a pleasant experience, it would be interesting to see a sequel with a different test subject and a different experiment.



What game engine was this made bro?


It looks like Godot.


Haven't yet downloaded this game/tried it out. Came across a YouTube video of someone playing it. Mainly commenting that this game looks fun and is a cool idea for a game and is definitely on my radar on the next game I want to try out. I hope you consider publishing this game on the Nintendo Switch (or at the very least make it available in the home-brew scene if you can't afford their dev kits. Though you'd still have to own some version of the console to develop this game on it. :P )

I'll wait a bit to see where this goes. I'm definitely willing to pay for this one. I imagine you aren't yet at the stage of deciding what platforms this game would end up beyond PC. I have a PC, but this feels like a game better played on a console I would think.

But I can say this game has great potential to do well on a system like the Switch where I've seen a lot of other indie games like this show up.

First thing I did when I saw that YouTube video was check if it was on the eShop..But sadly it isn't so googled to find this site where it's found. In it's current state, the game feels like something worth around $6 to $10. Maybe I'm not the export on valuations like this and this may change when I actually get around to playing it, but if it showed up as digital only game on the Switch around that price range I will definitely want to get it.

Another game "Enter The Gungeon" which I've been playing a lot lately is currently priced around 5 to 7. Though when it first came out it was closer to $15 so that's where I'm getting my price guesses from. :P

Not sure if you plan on expanding on the game mechanics more, but an idea that came to mind is perhaps in the later half of the game you can introduce mechanics that involve the arms.

But then again this game is called LegBreaker...not ArmBreaker. :P

Maybe an idea as DLC to the game later if you decide to publish it on Switch/Other consoles. Something like you get one or two uses of super punch/push. Could add destructible walls/heavy objects you must move and with the right mechanics you can add even more complexity to your puzzles that add some more physics to your game mechanics.

If this game doesn't end up on Switch/Consoles I'll still consider buying it. Just that I'd really like to see it on Switch. Definitely keeping an eye on this one. :D

Really cool idea, but got stuck because the collisions are so tight! The challenge is less about solving a level and more on executing it flawlessly.

One thing I would like to ask you, what is the font you used for the cutscenes? I'm looking for a small font like that!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! The font is actually custom-made, but if you'd like I can upload it on here. 

Oh, custom made, amazing! I was surprised how the "e" and "a" were only four pixels tall eheh. It's okay, I'll  try to make my one too! :) Thank you for your reply

I really enjoyed this game, I loved the concept, the levels and also all the music and effects and sounds are really engaging!

One thing I believe is to be done better is, like others said, the problems about the acceleration of the character and the way he moves and jumps. Too many times I knew how to solve a level and I couldn't just because I pressed a key a fraction of second too long or short. 

Also I believe the r key should restart the game faster. Maybe the animation doesn't need to be much faster but at least at the end of it I'd like to see the character immediately ready to move (now it takes a short little while, short but painful if it's the seventh time you're playing the level)

Thanks for this great game!

Hey, thanks for the detailed feedback! Based on what others have said and my own  playtesting I definitely agree with both suggestions and they'll definitely be part of the changes in the next build.

Es un juego muy bueno! Es divertido, aunque a veces tengas que haces un parkour medio raro aunque esta muy bueno porque le quita linealidad (tipo apretar derecha empujar caja apretar derecha otra vez y ya esta). Despues de eso esta muy bien. El final es el mejor final que vi en mi vida.

Good game. Reminds me of some older flashgames like timefcuk.Even got the true ending.

Subanlo para Android pls

Hi man! I liked a lot the idea of the game it's unique! I found great the sound the only thing that I found disturbing to the eyes view is the first type of transition end level --> next level (but I think it's a personal thing). Great Job!

I really enjoyed this game, the puzzles were interesting and mechanics fun. My only complaint is that sometimes the only reason it takes one level 20 tries is because I figured out the solution but the mechanics make me mess up eg overshooting on springs. More room for error would probably help. Still would recommend though :)

Really enjoyed the game! I got the ending bug but I looked up the ending. Thank you for your content! I did really like solving the puzzles, and their difficulty was satisfying to solve. I got stuck for soooo long on the double spring bounce one lol fun game! 


Quite the challenge, really liked the difficulty curve. It is weird that the protagonist seems to go faster with a broken leg, then again he did break his legs multiple times. :) 

Definitely fun for me, even if the controls are a little janky. I think with some fine tuning it could be really excellent. I also encountered a bug where I could not see the ending, and had to force quit the application on the windows version. Overall I really like the concept and had a lot of fun playing it. A level editor would be an amazing addition.

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I really liked the concept of this game. If you watch the video please subscribe it really helps a lot.


Finished it! Is the ending just a fade to black? Either way, I absolutely loved this. Took about 1 hour to get all the way through but really loved the whole experience.
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So far I love the game. And theirs always a way I noticed, like with that level with four buttons I figured out which ones were the right  ones by counting the number of jumps I would need to press two then get to the door. Also nice use of the Godot engines tile map, if your wondering how I knew it's because of what the files looked like when I unzipped them and because I ran it in the terminal so I could see Godot printing things like core/node.tscn which in my book makes it a hundred times better simply because it was made with Godot :). Also did I mention the games fun.

Except for one thing 2 hours later i'm still stuck on this level.

Yes..... I was stuck on that level for so long lol

did you find a way to beat it?

yes, I did! You can watch around the 31 minute mark if you are interested




Havent finished yet... tried to take a break so I can do something else. cant easily find a way to pause or save progress. is there a in game menu?? that would help a lot. I know if i had to play through once or lose all my progress, I probably would be less inclined to play again.


This game started off strong before almost instantly going from fun trial and error to knowing exactly what needed to be done, but being unable to actually pull it off due to the strange way the character accelerates. The later levels require a number of precise jumps much better suited for a game with appropriately responsive controls.
Overall, I liked this game right up until around the level after the boxes were introduced, and I stopped having fun and started getting frustrated. The underwhelming ending (which I had to look up on YouTube due to just getting a black screen after completing the last level) didn't make it feel worth it either.
You've got a very interesting concept going, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

I had the same problem with input lag. There is just too much time between when you press a key and when the character moves. It's frustrating tbh.

It didnt open :(

(1 edit)

I like your game, I had a lot of fun with it. Keep up the good work!

I don't have a long critique or review of the good vs bad, but if you have any questions about anything specific i'd love to give you some feedback. 

Cheers, i'll keep an eye out for your future stuff!


This, in my eyes, is not a very good game. You start out with the idea that you are injected with something and once you jump, you break a leg. This is a seemingly interesting premise before. After 5 minutes of levels with little challenge and little new or interesting gimmicks, you come to a couple levels that require tight platforming. Two jumps that would be easy in any other game are made a chore because you have a slow start-up and landing animation, and the restart button which would generally be next to instant takes a few seconds which is a snail's speed if you  keep restarting to try again.

This game just annoyed me. i didn't find much enjoyment in it. Its a cool idea but ruined by horrendous controls.


Hello! i really enjoyed playing your game it had very interesting concept along with decent difficulty to go along with it! i made a video on your game i did beat the game and i did catch a possible bug i have no clue :P i put it at the beginning of the video because i thought it was funny also one last thing will there be a possible leg breaker 2 because this was really good and fun to play! 

Ah you did catch a bug, thanks for letting me know! More importantly thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the game :) As for a Legbreaker 2 my only plans for the game right now are a small update with some tweaks and bug fixes, if Legbreaker 2 happens it'll be way down the line. Either way it's exciting that you and others have enjoyed the game enough to be interested in more!

Legbreaker looks amazing! Any chance that there'll be a Linux build in the future?


Just uploaded one! Let me know if it works.

Thanks so much. Works perfectly! Just finished all the levels. Much appreciated. =)

I loved the game! It was amazing. The level design is so good and while it is hampered down by some imprecise controls, the rest of the game's qualities hold it up. As a 2D artist, I really appreciate the art style in this game along with its color palette. Keep up the great work! If you ever need an artist to collaborate with, don't hesitate to hit me up. 


Awesome game! Just added it to my home arcade cabinet, the kids are having a blast too cracking up watch the poor guy struggle through the levels.


I started playing the game, it's fantastic! the puzzles are fun, and the art/graphics are pretty good. got some pretty Hollow Knight Deepnest-y vibes from the art, and Celeste-y vibes from the game-play.  that aside, though, i do have one request. could you please make something like a little menu that you can use to get out of the level/game? It really is annoying having to use the windows button to get out. Thanks for the game!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked the visuals/gameplay! I'm considering putting out a small update in the near future with some quality of life changes e.g. bug fixes, tweaks to movement, etc., so adding a more robust menu system will probably go in there as well.

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